I make sculptures and small installations. I want to expose man's search for meaning and authenticity and illustrate my personal quest. To do this, I often return to nature. During my quests and expeditions, I take photographs which I incorporate into my sculptures.

I use a variety of materials such as unfired clay, plaster, wood or epoxy. The results are diverse. Sometimes I exhibit snow-white sculptures. Then again pitch black. My latest artworks promise to be a series of transparent and colorful constructions.

In my series of sculptures "Happy Island" (shown at subsequent expos: Stanislas Berchem 2021, Balthazar Brussels 2021, HISK Brussels 2022, WARP-art St-Niklaas 2022 and cc Bruges 2023) I showed the account of a dream journey of our family. Together with our fantasized/domesticated dog, we undertook a sea voyage and built an artificial island in the ocean. My own family was the model for this series.

In March 2023, I exhibited "Dark Cabinet" at WARP (ism artist Edith Ronse) in St-Niklaas. On a metal rack and under bright lights a number of black sculptures were displayed: a sick pigeon on a paint pot, bouncy castles of elephants and monkeys and a miniature pond with palm tree and water-spitting fish ...

Recently, I created a number of fragile-looking artworks. With casts of branches and leaves in colored epoxy, I made a number of sinking islands (incl palm or banana tree) and fragile models of watchtowers.